CrimeClub Maffia RPG

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  • Online Mafia RPG

    In the world of Mafiasource you can conquer the States and Cities of America together with friends and family

  • Carjacking

    Steal the most beautiful vehicles and fill multiple garages with these beauties!

  • Smuggle drugs

    Develop the best smugglers route and make millions as you evolve in all kinds of levels!

  • Build an empire

    Poses multiple buildings or rob others for their possessions and be able to call yourself the king of certain states or cities!

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Game Statistics

#1 Player: Bones
Newest member: LuckyLuciano

Best family: TheFusion
Most family money: TheFusion

Killerking: HenrieB
Most honored: Bones

At this moment 0 players are dead

A total amount of 22.5M+ units were smuggled in and outside of the states

Our players have won a total amount of 78.5K+ Credits

this is our Second round since Nov 30th


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