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Continue your adventure even faster into the future! We currently only offer support for our Google Play Store app users.

Android (Google Play Store)

Platforms other than Android can install our web app through a browser of choice. Make sure you have the most recent browser updates. Multiplatform and apple devices explain how you can install a website as an app.

Multiplatform (Chrome or Edge)

Apple devices (Safari)

Android debug app

If you want to try out our debug app, make sure to enable the Android setting 'Allow third-party apps' and you should be able to download, install and play!

Our most recent debug app as (untrusted) .apk can be downloaded here (Android only) v1.0.6


Mafiasource on GitHub

Starting your own Crimeclub, tinkering in our source code or figuring out how Mafiasource works? The following GitHub repo contains everything you need to get started. Carefully follow the included installation instructions to get your own Mafiasource copy working online or offline.